Research Group of Dr. T. Ullrich
Institute for Numerical Simulation

Glenn Byrenheid, M.Sc.

Glenn Byrenheid, M.Sc.
Address: Institut für Numerische Simulation
Endenicher Allee 62
53115 Bonn
Office: Villa Maria 1.004
Phone: +49 228 73 62243


Journal Papers:

[1] G. Byrenheid, V. K. Nguyen, and R. J. Kunsch. Monte-Carlo methods for uniform approximation on periodic Sobolev spaces with mixed smoothness . J. Complexity, to appear. arXiv:1709.03321.
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[2] G. Byrenheid, L. Kämmerer, T. Ullrich, and T. Volkmer. Tight error bounds for rank-1 lattice sampling in spaces of hybrid mixed smoothness. Num. Math., 136:993-1034, 2017.
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[3] G. Byrenheid and T. Ullrich. Optimal sampling recovery of mixed order Sobolev embeddings via discrete Littlewood-Paley type characterizations. Anal. Math., 43(2):133-191, 2017.
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[4] G. Byrenheid, D. Dũng, W. Sickel, and T. Ullrich. Sampling on energy-norm based sparse grids for the optimal recovery of Sobolev type functions in Hγ. J. Approx. Theory, 207:207-231, 2016.
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[1] G. Byrenheid. Der Smolyak-Algorithmus in H1(T2) zur Approximation von Funktionen dominierend gemischter Glattheit. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, 2013. Master's thesis.
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[2] G. Byrenheid. Die Approximationsräume der Bernstein-Polynome. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, 2011. Bachelor's thesis.
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